Safe Monitoring Group acquires Bieler + Lang GmbH

Date: 25 January 2023
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Safe Monitoring Group will together with Bieler + Lang continue the expansion of their work to protect people, equipment and the environment from hazardous gas leaks.
Bieler + Lang, founded in 1967 in Achern, Germany, help you to protect people, the environment, technical equipment and property from serious damage. For more than 50 years, our products have been providing timely and reliable warnings of gas accidents and explosions. Bieler + Lang gas detection and warning systems were developed especially for these applications.
Being a part of Safe Monitoring Group, Bieler + Lang will together with the other companies in the group collaborate in areas such as; R&D, Marketing, Procurement, Sales and Service. For example; refrigeration customers in Germany will see a closer presence of SAMON, another Safe Monitoring Group company and customers in the Nordics of Bieler + Lang will have a local service partner from Safe Monitoring Group companies SAMON or InduPro.
Safe Monitoring Group is acquiring 100% of the shares in Bieler + Lang, the process was completed on the 18th of January 2023. The Sellers of Bieler + Lang have re-invested and are now also shareholders in the Safe Monitoring Group and will continue working in the group.

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