Safkar Signs Its Name Under Massive Projects

Turkish brand SAFKAR keeps growing in more segments with more projects. Engaged in a series of investments to enlarge its production center 2.5 times in view of its acquisition of new customers and the resulting expansion in business volume, SAFKAR is signing its name under massive projects.

Metropolitan Istanbul cools off with SAFKAR

Climatizing almost all of the non-air-conditioned buses run by the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul in a record three months to ready them for the summer season, SAFKAR also provides the air-conditioning on a major portion of the city’s purple buses. General Manager Doruk Aydın commented, “We are happy to complete the climatization work on 164 regular and 84 articulated municipal buses in the brief spell of three months on the threshold of summer using our high-performance products to match the drive to raise the quality of life in Istanbul, a global metropolis.”

Cairo’s trains to be cooled by SAFKAR

Certified in the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) last year, SAFKAR most recently won tender awards in railway solutions in Turkey including the upgrading of 100 passenger railcar air-conditioning systems which was completed this year, the climatization of 43 power generator railcars, and the climatization of 20 passenger railcars as well as a huge tender involving the climatization of 116 passenger railcars owned by Egyptian Railways. Doruk Aydın said, “We had been engaged in business development efforts for ten months in keeping with our strategy of expansion in a broader geography; and thanks to our superior R&D capability, we were finally awarded with this sizable tender in Egypt despite its being a turbulent region. This means a significant business potential for Turkey and our suppliers. Concurrently with this, we also have ongoing projects in railway operations including the air-conditioning systems for 80 electric railway engines to be manufactured for the Turkish Railways (TCDD) by Tülomsaş and the air-conditioning systems for the underground railcars of the Burulaş in Bursa and the İstanbul Ulaşım in Istanbul.”

SAFKAR breaks the monopoly of imported air-conditioning in military systems

Noting that SAFKAR pursued a strategy of growth in new fields of business drawing upon the strength afforded by its effective R&D center and its powerful after-sales service infrastructure dispersed throughout the world in more than 330 locations, Doruk Aydın explained, “We have created our own design in military applications in addition to the air-conditioning equipment we marketed for tractors and construction machinery. Our products for military shelters passed with flying colors the tests for the MIL 810 G standard conducted longer than a year in accredited laboratories in the UK. The air-conditioning systems for military equipment for which both Turkey and a number of other NATO nations relied entirely on imports so far are now provided by SAFKAR.” Saying that the present situation had been reached as a result of intensive efforts in line with the Undersecretariat of the Defense Industry’s goal of replacing imported military equipment with their domestic equivalents, Aydın added that solutions designed for armored personnel carriers had also been successfully put into operation in addition to the air-conditioning systems for use in military shelters.

New addition to cooling equipment for transportation of food: the “Diesel Cooler”

Having redesigned its products in all cooling equipment categories to comply with European standards and receiving an ATP (International Food Transportation) certification for its entire product portfolio as a result of the tests conducted in France SAFKAR plans to launch its newly designed Diesel coolers this year. Doruk Aydın announced, “We will be marketing our Diesel cooler this year in order to complete our range of coolers for transported foods in which we have become Europe’s third largest manufacturer in terms of the number of units sold, focusing on Central Europe with the support of our dealer and market development company in Germany.” The Diesel coolers on the design of which SAFKAR’s R&D staff of 60 has been working for a year will be showcased at the Solutans 2011 trade fair to take place in Lyon, France 29 November through 3 December.

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