Sanhua Holding Group wins top HRM

Date: 17 July 2019
Sanhua Holding Group wins top HRM
Sanhua Holding Group wins top HRM
Sanhua Holding Group won top HRM (human resource management) awarded by 51job, a Chinese human resource service provider listed in the United States (NASDAQ:JOBS). 
51 job released a list of human resource management excellent award in Beijing lately, and Sanhua Holding Group is in the final list of winners. Andrew Weng, assistant president and HRD of Sanhua Holding Group was invited to the meeting and received the award.
The top HRM award ceremony is a yearly activity which started seven years ago. It picked up good ones from thousands of companies based in China, and final winners were announced considering talent recruitment, development and incentive mechanism etc. The human resource team of Sanhua Holding Group values talent training and development, which play a crucial role in the implementation of business strategic planning.
About talent philosophy for the near future, Sanhau Holding Group continues to hold on to the “root philosophy”-- enterprise is the tree, talents are roots; how deep the roots are, how prosperous the tree will be.

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