Schmitz Cargobull expands its product range to include the MultiTemp transport refrigeration unit with the new, additional roof-mounted evaporator

Temperature-controlled freight is subject to the strictest transport standards. Distributors, carriers and also customers demand uncompromising safety, along with proof of exact compliance with the requirements. Whether fresh foodstuffs, deep-frozen goods, pharmaceuticals, blood plasma, flowers or temperature-sensitive chemicals, the refrigeration chain must never be interrupted. This makes comprehensive expertise a critical factor in the complete understanding of the refrigeration chain, because complete command of all of the interfaces is the only means of offering a reliable service. That is why Schmitz Cargobull's technicians and engineers are constantly developing technologies, vehicles and components in order to reliably control every link in the transport chain. In order to round out its performance promise, Schmitz Cargobull has expanded the already proven transport refrigeration unit to include a further element. The newly designed roof-mounted evaporator enables Schmitz Cargobull to offer multi-temperature solutions. Goods requiring different temperatures can be transported inside one trailer. The freight is separated by movable partitions and the temperature controlled by additional roof evaporators. This gives the trailers the greatest possible flexibility. The newly designed additional roof-mounted evaporator is a perfect expansion of the Schmitz Cargobull modular system. It is partially recessed into the roof, ensuring maximum clearance and loading height. Exact temperature control and intelligent partial-load management have also been implemented for the multi-chamber design. This new refrigeration combination represents an innovative addition to the overall refrigerated transport system. As such, it represents further upgrade to Schmitz Cargobull's one-stop shop concept. Yet there is even more to the enhanced refrigeration unit concept. Whereas until now refrigerating units, temperature recorders, measured value encoders and trailer telematics systems have been regarded as stand-alone devices, the enhanced Schmitz Cargobull refrigeration unit will record all the relevant data in one integrated element. The data is then supplied to the freight carrier and their customers via the TrailerConnect portal or their logistics and scheduling software. It is precisely this certified verification of the transport data on a "just in time" basis, in accordance with DIN EN 12830 via e-mail to a PC or a smartphone on delivery and a definable archiving period, which eliminates the need for an inconvenient print-out of the temperature data and its allocation to the correct delivery note at the loading ramp. With its digital temperature recorder, the integrated trailer telematics system enables constant monitoring of the technical properties of the vehicle, the refrigeration unit and the load. In addition, the system also allows efficient cost control when analysing the total cost of ownership. The transport refrigeration unit technology developed by Schmitz Cargobull is optimally designed for the S.KO box semi-trailer's cargo area. This design integrates aspects such as optimal aerodynamic air distribution, a high level of ventilation and refrigeration capacity, good access to the equipment for servicing, an innovative temperature control system, dirt-resistant cladding, etc. Furthermore, the system has been subjected to extensive testing at the company's own Schmitz Cargobull Validation Centre to ensure that it functions perfectly. The Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit has been marketed successfully since the middle of 2013. After just one year on the market, it took second place in the Best Brand in the refrigeration unit category at the renowned Image Awards presented by the ETM Verlag. Schmitz Source:
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