Smartcool Distributor Installs at McDonald’s Chain in Riyadh

Smartcool Systems Inc. is pleased to report that Kafaat Energy Company, its distributor in Saudi Arabia has been appointed by Riyadh International Catering Corporation to supply and install Smartcool’s energy efficiency technology at McDonald’s branches in Riyadh. The above appointment is part of Riyadh International Catering Corporation’s plans to promote energy efficiency standards, green environment and reduced levels of carbons’ emissions. Bashar Abdulrahman, CEO Kafaat Energy Company stated "We have been successfully installing Smartcool’s energy efficiency systems in various locations in the KSA. Initial installations for Riyadh International Catering Corporation at McDonald’s locations have been completed and are being evaluated for a full rollout to all 162 branches. With the significant requirement for climate cooling in Saudi Arabia and additionally, refrigeration requirements at McDonald’s, there are many buildings that could benefit from Smartcool’s proprietary technology. We look forward to growing the installed base of satisfied customers that are implementing the technology and whom are not only realizing a financial benefit but reducing their carbon footprint." Ted Konyi, CEO Smartcool Systems Inc. commented "Kafaat Energy Company has been extremely focused on marketing Smartcool’s technology and it shows. In addition to working with Riyadh International Catering Corporations’ McDonald’s locations, they recently installed at Tiara Hotel, a unique luxury hotel in Riyadh. Results at Tiara showed a 20% savings on Air Conditioning costs. This represents significant savings for the hotel as well as reducing emissions. We continue to support Kafaat and their initiatives and look forward to their continued success." Source: Smartcool
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