Super X24 chose Opteon XP40 for its refrigeration systems


Super X24 is the convenience store that satisfies the market needs with practical, good and quick service, building strong trust among consumers. Today, it has more than 100 stores across Veracruz giving personalized attention, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready for its clients to get there at any time and find what they need. Such commitment is reflected in its slogan “At the time you like” (A la hora que se te antoje), aiming to bring anything they need, anytime they need it. They are always looking for ongoing improvement opportunities and striving to offer their clients an integrated concept on the road towards sustainability, while being aligned with environmental regulations. Now they have their first environmentally friendly store that is operating with one of the refrigerants with the lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP) available in the market: Opteon XP40 from The Chemours Company. This project, developed by Grupo Bioenergía and Grupo Mereti, installed condensing units fitted with state-of-the-art in refrigerants, in its new store in Xalapa. Based on the contractor’s reports, the chilling unit has improved its cooling capacity and energy efficiency.

Project Overview

The X24 chilling system is a Bohn condenser unit, with Scroll compressor for medium-temperature applications refrigeration (dairy products and sodas, among others). It was originally designed to run with R-404A. However, the company wanted to open a new environmentally friendly store, with the whole energy efficiency offered by Opteon XP40, which is a non-flammable, low-GWP refrigerant based on the HFO technology that provides excellent yields together with the best environmental and energy attributes. This refrigeration technology breakthrough is a replacement for R-22 and R-404 in new and retrofitted equipment. One of its main advantages is that besides not depleting the ozone layer, it has low GWP, a reduction of 65% as compared to R-404A. Another relevant feature of Opteon is its compatibility with polyol ester (POE) oil, requiring no major modifications of the current system design. Results obtained with this refrigerant were excellent versus R-404 A. The equipment performance was monitored, finding cooling capacity of 14.1-kw, compressor power of 3.6-kw and average COP = 3.9.


The system performance with the new refrigerant Opteon XP40, showed better cooling capacity and energy efficiency (COP) vs. R-404A. The main benefits is that you will have a more environmentally friendly refrigerant with GWP 65% lower than R-404A, and therefore, complying with the last international regulations on refrigerant fluids. Today, Super X24 has six stores operating with Opteon XP40, among those: Pípila, Miguel Alemán, Bosques and Guanábana. And it is planning to retrofit all of its R-22 and R-404A chilling units to the new Opteon XP40 refrigerant. With these actions, the company will achieve a direct reduction of 872,010 CO2-equivalent kilograms, minimizing the global warming impact caused by its refrigeration systems. The X24 company is example to follow and will set trends with its strong environmental commitment, together with its remarkable willingness to offer the best to the market.   Read More
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