Susana Rodríguez assumes the presidency of AEFYT

Date: 19 December 2020
Susana Rodríguez assumes the presidency of AEFYT
Susana Rodríguez assumes the presidency of AEFYT
Susana Rodríguez, as representative of the Asofrío Group, has been named president of AEFYT, the Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies, in the Governing Council held this week. Susana takes over from Roberto Solsona, who has held the position since 2011.

Among the main objectives of the new presidency it stands out to deepen the knowledge and technological development of the different cold technologies; as well as, accompanying partners in the sustainability and digitization of the sector. In addition, the female presidency will also give a new boost to the visibility of women in the fight against the gender gap.

In this new stage, the aim is to highlight the diversity of the subsector groups that, as representatives of the entire refrigeration value chain, form the association, giving it a boost marked by agility, efficiency and transparency. All this, thinking about the benefit of the associate - large and small companies - and the sector as a whole.

"I would like to thank all the companies for the trust placed in us, as well as Roberto for his dedication these years leading the association, making it a strong and representative entity within our sector," said Susana Rodríguez. “We have the opportunity for the cold sector to lead the great changes we are facing as a society and as an economy: sustainability, digitization and the elimination of the gender gap. For this, it is very important that the entire value chain represented in the subsector groups of AEFYT work together, as it has done so far. Our association brings together the largest global knowledge of the cold sector, this strength will lead us all into the future, she added.

With more than 25 years of experience in the refrigeration sector, Susana Rodríguez has been the CEO of Friex since 2010 and president of Asofrío since 2013. Since 2016, she has held one of the vice-presidencies of AEFYT as a representative of Asofrío.
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