Swedish cold storage firm opts for Advansor CO2 transcritical

In Kristianstad, Sweden, Advansor is teaming up with an installation company to put CO2 racks in a huge warehouse.

Making inroads into the industrial refrigeration sector, Advansor and installer LL Kylteknik will start working on a new CO2 storage facility in Kristianstad, Sweden. Swedish cold logistics space provider Kjellssons Logistik & Transport AB (KLT) commissioned the 6,000 m2 cold storage facility to provide additional service to companies that require cold storage facilities to freeze their goods. Advansor will supply the refrigeration system for the low-temperature and medium-temperature side of the cooling and freezing system. The two-rack system will provide 140 kW at MT and 370 kW at LT. Two more racks will pump low temperature at -40°C, with a capacity of 760 kW, using one pump separator to provide blast freezing. “There are four tunnels that you place the pallets in. The pumped CO2 starts to flow through the evaporators after [the] room start-up. The air cools the [food] from room temperature down to -25°C,” said Charlotte Dalhoff Dalbøge, marketing and communications manager at Advansor. A total of four Advansor racks will cool the whole facility. Conny Andersson, Advansor’s Sweden country manager, said: “It has been a long journey but a great test of our capabilities, and we are happy to be partners with LL Kylteknik in this special project.” The racks will be commissioned in late autumn 2017.   
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