SWEP takes precautions due to Corona Covid-19

Date: 15 March 2020
SWEP takes precautions due to Corona Covid-19

While the ongoing presence of the Corona Covid-19 virus is deservedly drawing global attention, SWEP continues to closely track the situation and work diligently to do our part to help prevent the spread of this illness.

Due to current developments of the Corona Covid-19 virus escalation in the world, we would like to inform of our company contingency plans as follows:

  1. We are limiting non-essential business travel and holding meetings using conferencing systems where possible
  2. We are limiting visitor meetings at our premises to business critical only and using our conferencing systems as suitable alternatives to face-to-face contact
  3. Director approval is required for any exceptions to the above in order to manage the changing risks during this uncertain period
  4. We ask all our approved suppliers, sub-contractors and partners to keep us informed of their own contingency plans and to keep us updated on the delivery of core services

Our contingency plans will apply until further notice. Updates issued if required. We aim to protect and support our staff during this uncertain period and continue to deliver core services to our loyal customer base. We will continue to work together in partnership with our supply chain during the disruption caused by the current health emergency, so keeping our respective lines of communication open will remain a top priority.

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