SWEP will expansion in EMEA

Date: 25 January 2020
SWEP will expansion in EMEA
Out of five SWEP production sites globally, two are in EMEA – the company’s largest market. One in Landskrona, Sweden, where the headquarters also are situated, and one in Kosice, Slovakia. With continuous strong growth and market demand in EMEA, SWEP have decided to expand both plants.

Fredrik Paulsson, general manager for EMEA, sees a positive development for the growing market and SWEP´s new capacity to serve it: “We all face that renewable energy sources and more efficient energy usage are absolute musts. SWEP’s heat exchanger technology plays a vital role in the conversion from old non-sustainable sources and inefficient technologies.

By expanding our production in EMEA through additional capacity equipment, such as press lines, furnaces and automation, we will significantly increase our abilities to serve the market. We are here to grow with our customers. With optimized operation flow, we become more flexible towards demands, and thereby less vulnerable to unpredicted events.”

In Landskrona, the construction work started in end of  November 2019. During the summer 2020, the new production equipment will be installed and throughout the autumn all lines will be optimized. In addition to the production area 500 sqm of new office space will also be built.

The expansion in Kosice will start early 2021 and will be fully operational the second half of 2022. Production areas will increase by 3000 sqm .

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