Tecnair became part of the Panasonic family

Date: 24 February 2024
Tecnair became part of the Panasonic family
In February 2023, Tecnair became part of the Panasonic family, marking a significant milestone in its journey. Leveraging three decades of sector-specific expertise, Tecnair provides cutting-edge solutions for Data Centres, fuelled by its profound industry knowledge. The Techline Series epitomises this commitment, offering a suite of four meticulously crafted solutions designed to meet and exceed all data centre environmental requirements with precision and reliability.

Thanks to the new synergy between Tecnair and Panasonic, the company can now offer solutions incorporating both Techline Series indoor units and compatible Panasonic PACi outdoor units. 

P Series: The P Series units provide strict control of room temperatures and humidity making the perimeter unit an essential for data centre applications, whilst having a very high energy efficiency ratio (EER) and low operating costs. 

R Series: The R Series is an in-row solution following from its design concept. Designed to be close to the racks, the Close Control units are positioned in accordance with the hot and cold corridor layout to help create a free flow of air, ideal to maintain temperature and air flow for any data centre. 

PACi: The outdoor PACi units are a compact and lightweight design adaptable for an array of situations. These highly efficient and compact Panasonic PACi outdoor units are compatible with Tecnair’s close control units. 

Hydrogen Fuel Cell: The need to explore efficient and sustainable energy sources is a growing issue for the industry. The Panasonic Hydrogen Fuel Cell system is an ideal solution to produce greener power for a wide variety of applications.

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