TEKO equipped a new distribution center in Netherlands

Date: 24 March 2024
TEKO equipped a new distribution center in Netherlands
TEKO equipped a new distribution center in Netherlands
For the new distribution center on 7,000 m² of the prestigious hotel chain Van der Valk, the entire refrigeration and building technology equipment was developed, manufactured, and finally implemented on-site. With a clear focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, a sustainable, redundant refrigeration system using natural CO2 as a refrigerant was used to supply 75 Van der Valk hotels and restaurants.

Two powerful compound systems – the ROXSTA G6 from TEKO, with an impressive capacity of twice 215 kW for standard cooling and twice 115 kW for deep freezing – supply the warehouse. Thanks to innovative technologies, extracted heat is used to heat the office spaces of the warehouse center and ensure pleasant air quality.

A perfectly coordinated system solution in which all components interact with each other and achieve maximum efficiency. The technology runs reliably and trouble-free, as confirmed by Van der Valk as the end customer. 

The major project for Van der Valk once again demonstrates the importance of a well-coordinated, trusting collaboration between experienced partners for an optimal overall result that is future-oriented and adaptable in the long term.
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