Tesco implements COSAF’S Air2O solution amid plans to reduce energy usage by as much as 80%

Cosaf, the expert in leading-edge heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for the retail, pharmaceutical and grocery sectors, has today announced a ground-breaking partnership with Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retailer. Cosaf will upgrade Tesco’s in-store cooling systems by implementing its innovative Air2O IDEC evaporative cooling air conditioning technology. The partnership, which is set to position Tesco as the UK’s most environmentally efficient grocery retailer by 2025, will lower the energy usage of Tesco’s environmental systems by 80%. It will significantly reduce its capital, running, and maintenance costs by completely replacing all compressor based cooling systems from their comfort cooling air handling units (AHUs) with Air2O innovative IDEC air conditioning systems. It will also help the retailer to comply with its internal governance and environmental pledges, and reduce its reliance on DX cooling. It is essential for major grocery retailers to use refrigerant cooling systems to maintain produce fridges and freezers. However, many are still using outdated and inefficient F-GAS legacy systems (or CO2) to cool their stores. These are expensive in upfront cost, service and maintenance and use large amounts of CFC, GWP and HFC gases; all of which are widely recognised as harmful to the environment and, worse, are unnecessary for environment cooling. Cosaf is committed to reducing energy inefficient systems in any application of comfort cooling. It’s Air2O system provides the solution to this industry-wide problem and ongoing challenge for Tesco by using an environmentally-friendly combination of direct and indirect evaporation cooling, which eliminates harmful gases. It also utilises IDEC technology to eliminate stale air recycling, delivering 100% hygienic fresh air with no harmful gases for Tesco’s produce, employees and customers. As one of the world’s largest retailers with 476,000 colleagues and millions of customers per week, Tesco needed to build confidence in Cosaf over a 5-year period of significant due diligence. This was achieved when, in December 2016, Tesco agreed to install an Air2O system in its Henley-on-Thames superstore for a live test phase. Despite an unexpected heat wave in June 2017, which included the hottest 5 consecutive days in 25 years, and the hottest individual day in 15 years, Air2O performed beyond all expectation and successfully delivered cooled outside air to the sales floor’s AHU. After receiving positive initial feedback, Tesco then extended its relationship with Cosaf by ordering further Air2O units for its distribution depot in Reading, which are now fully installed and operational. As the next generation in air conditioning technology, Air2O can uniquely hybridise and incorporate traditional DX or chilled water cooling to adapt intuitively to its environment. This flexibility was important when adapting to the different challenges presented by Tesco’s distribution centres and superstore layouts, with variable air temperatures that are directly and indirectly affected by large chillers and refrigerants. Air2O is a world leader in managing unpredictable and varying climate conditions. With technology developed in California and refined in the extreme climates of Arizona, the middle east and Australia; Air2O is perfectly suited to thrive in the UK’s moderate climate. Read More
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