The advantages and production process of solar-powered fresh cold storage

Comparing with the traditional methods, solar-powered fresh cold storage is a new high-tech product to drive the wheel of history forward in the fresh keeping road. It can make up for deficiencies in power supply that other fresh keeping methods cannot reach, using the physical mechanism of Parr's stick effect principle and photoelectric conversion principle to open up a new path in the market of fresh keeping.

Green power storage function of solar-powered fresh cold storage Solar cell can use silicon solar cell, multi compound film solar cell, polymer multilayer modified electrode type solar cell, nanocrystalline solar cell, organic solar cell. Among of these, silicon solar cell is developed most maturely, taking the dominant position in application. It can be divided into monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline and flexible thin solar cell. For large fresh cold storage, it can choose polycrystaline solar cell, because this kind of solar cell has the feature of high conversion rate. However, if take the beautiful and convenient factors into account, the flexible thin film solar cell may be a good choice. The fresh cold storage equipped with solar powered cell doesn't need other chemical, mechanical, water, wind and nuclear power generation equipments and power supply transmission devices. It can collect green energy-solar energy, and convert it to electricity ,directly for the use of semiconductor cooling devices and other components. The whole process has no pollution, convenient and quick use, small loss characteristics that other energy supply systems can't compare with it. Cooling and heating function of solar powered fresh cold storage

     Semiconductor refrigeration module is made from P-N junction principle of refrigeration and heating, also called Parr's stick effect principle. The simple device of peripheral model has two ceramic surfaces. When it's powered by electricity, one side will cool and the other will heat. If reverse power supply, the surface of refrigeration and heating are exchanged. Thus the system made of semiconductor module applied to fresh cold storage can separate the functions of cooling and heating. That will be used respectively for frozen goods and dry goods fresh keeping, finally to achieve the full use of resources. If the inner is heating layer, then the outer is cooling layer. However, the achievement of the two functions will be influenced by outside, so it needs to add heat insulation device and wet discharging device. Heat insulation and heat dissipation function and integrated manufacturing process of solar powered fresh cold storage

This combines ceramic plate cooling device and volatile plate, fastening radiator through fastening screws, to install on the cover of the fresh box. There is a cover on the radiator with a fan in the round hole in the middle. External made of heat insulation material uses power to connect with thermostat on the box, to make connected power cooling device, radiator and fan work together. The temperature in the box is automatically controlled by thermostat. So there are both heat dissipation and heat insulation function and the functions of automatic temperature control, exclusion of moisture, maintaining internal air humidity. Besides, the whole system of fresh cold storage equipped intelligent control device can achieve good development results with great practical value and broad development prospects.

There is no mechanical rotation, no vibration and noise, no lines and refrigerant when solar powered fresh cold storage works. It has the characteristics of low frequency of fault occurrence, temperature control range, long service life. It can achieve high-precision temperature control through the control of input current. Further more, with temperature detection and control methodist’s easy to achieve automatic control, SPC, microcomputer control, to assemble into intelligent automatic control system. And this device can realize micro processing to a certain extent, so it has a great development prospect. But as the raw material of the product is a little expensive, it must achieve low cost production of raw materials to promote the product on a large scale.


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