The antitrust investigation over cooperation between Honeywell and DuPont has closed

Commission ends review launched in 2014 of cooperation between two companies acting as the sole manufacturers of lower GWP refrigerant. The European Commission has closed an antitrust investigation over cooperation between Honeywell and DuPont to produce the refrigerant R1234yf for use in vehicles. A ‘Statement of Objections’ was adopted by the EC in October 2014 against Honeywell and DuPont, which now operates under the Chemours brand, over concerns that the availability and development of the refrigerant may be limited by any collaboration. The commission argued at the time that both companies, which were the sole producers of the refrigerant, had entered into a series of agreements from 2010 around producing and developing R1234yf. The refrigerant was deemed as important due to its status as the only commercially available product of its kind with a sufficiently low global warming potential (GWP) to meet the EU’s MAC Directive that sets out standards for air conditioning systems in vehicles. A decision to close the antitrust investigation was taken by the commission based on what it said was careful assessment of evidence and feedback from both claimants and interested third parties.
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