The Case of SPAR Supermarket in The Netherlands

Date: 03 November 2019
The Case of SPAR Supermarket in The Netherlands
The Case of SPAR Supermarket in The Netherlands

SPAR Supermarket name stands for dutch word spaar – save, which reflects company goals to minimize business costs at all levels. The company’s choice of FREOR Hydroloop Glycol cooling system, installed at the store in Sint Maartenszee in the Netherlands, is a significant step towards that goal. The installation was performed by FREOR partner Koelservice van Tol.

Benefits of automized refrigeration at SPAR Supermarket

In Sint Maartenszee SPAR supermarket excess heat of the refrigeration process is collected by glycol line and with additional smart control technology directed to various points. Residual heat is enough to fill radiators and warm-up store canteen, resulting in heating costs reduction.

The central controller Carel Plantwatchpro is used to register the operation of FREOR JUPITER multidecks line at the store. The device collects and analyzes multidecks temperature and lighting data. Then automatically optimizes refrigerators’ work to ensure a perfect balance of cooling and energy consumption.

FREOR refrigeration equipment is energy-efficient by its design as well. Dual Air Curtain technology is a standard feature incorporated in all FREOR multidecks. Air curtain in front of the refrigerator prevents cold air escaping the product display area and protects from the inlet of warm ambient air. This function makes substantial energy savings and eliminates uncomfortable chilly temperature experienced by shoppers. ECO PAN-DUR doors reinforce Dual Air Curtain’s effectiveness by airtight technology, which ensures that the frost stays inside the furniture.

Moreover, all equipment operates on low GWP refrigerant propane, which impacts to the environment compared to the previous installation is distinguishingly lower (GWP is 5810 times lower).

Reuse of external heat with Hydroloop system

Stores refrigeration department always poses an issue – how to reuse excess heat of the refrigeration process effectively and minimize energy usage. FREOR Hydroloop Glycol refrigeration system is a solution to this problem. Compared to the remote refrigeration system, this system allows to use less refrigerant, its leakage is minimum, and it lasts longer. Besides all of this, with some additional technologies, this system enables the reuse of excess refrigeration heat for other purposes, such as store or water heating, which results in energy savings.

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