The convenient Wilo Assistant App

The convenient Wilo Assistant App – will help you at work and in sales. With the Wilo Assistant, you wll always have the most important pump info to hand – as a free app or web app on your smartphone. The Wilo app called "Assistant" isn't called this for nothing – after all it is a really practical helper for installers in their everyday work. With it, all the information you need for pump installation and consulting can easily be called up on your smartphone. This is a great tool, particularly when you are out visiting customers.
The replacement guide and the pump configuration recommendations mean you will find the appropriate pump – and if required you can easily call up technical details and useful tips in the online catalogue. Applications such as the calculator for possible ways to save electricity costs and CO2 emissions are also really useful. The fault signal assistant represents another major argument in favour of the Wilo Assistant. With it, you can track down the cause of fault signals directly on the customer's premises, and now that you have received the appropriate information, are able to rectify the problem without delay. This saves time and money – for both you as an installer and also your customer.

The Wilo Assistant

Simply use the wide range of consulting functions for all aspects of pump replacement and energy efficiency as an App on your smartphone – quickly and securely in any location. You can call up almost all the functions even without an Internet connection. The Wilo Assistant is available as a free app in the App Store and Google Play Store, or as a web app at
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