The F Gas Regulation shows first significant impacts

Date: 02 June 2017
Please note opinion of company TEKO (Germany) about F Gas Regulation on our website. The situation on the refrigerant market is coming to a head. The F Gas Regulation shows first significant impacts. Chemour increased their prices for R 404A and R 507A by 30 % as 1st of May. The prices for R 407A, R 410A, R 407C and R 134a were increased by 10 % (Source: and The quota for fluorinated greenhouse gases will be reduced by 63 % by the turn of the year (2018). The technical newspapers forecast significant shortage compared to this year involving further price increases. One refrigerant supplier has already announced that they will stop their production of R 404A and R 507A in 2018 (Source: Of course, there are short-term alternative refrigerants such as R 449A or R 448A, etc. But what are the long-term and future-proof alternatives? R 744/CO2 could be an answer – many facts support that!

Advantages of R 744/CO2

  • It is a thousand times less harmful in terms of global warming than any of the synthetic refrigerants used today such as R 134A, R 404A, R 407C and others.
  • It is a naturally occurring substance and available to a virtually unlimited extent.
  • It is a by-product of industrial processes and does not need to be produced at great expense.
  • Compared to other natural refrigerants, it has good technical properties – it is neither toxic such as ammonia nor flammable such as hydrocarbons.
  • CO2 is absolutely future-proof since it is ensured from an environmental point of view that it can be used after 2030 and is not affected by the provisions of the F Gas Regulation.
However, handling CO2 is not as trivial as it seems. Pressure levels are significantly higher, the control of the total refrigerant circuit is more complex, and the special features of installation engineering have not yet been widely known.

How can we support you with your decision for CO2 as a refrigerant?

TEKO offers the standardised ROXSTA series adjusted to the performance requirements of different cooling concepts. The functionality of each series is adjusted and optimised to each specific cooling demand. The basic parameters for control are pre-set for easy start-up. Thus, installation and maintenance are made significantly easier for you.
  • ROXSTAcube (capacities of up to 70 kW)
  • ROXSTAsmart (capacities of 5 to 160 kW)
  • ROXSTA2.0 (capacities of 17 to 345 kW)
  • For complex projects, e.g. in refrigerated warehouses or in food production, we can offer you ROXSTAindustrial (capacities from 150 kW).
  • Every year, several hundred participants attend our training courses in the field of CO2 and control.
For more information to ROXSTA series and the TEKO training program, please visit website
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