The first "Easyfresh Express" reefer container train

The first "Easyfresh Express" reefer container train travelling between Spain and The Netherlands will leave 25th of April from Valencia-Silla railhead. The train will be operated by Frigobreda, one of the four owning partners of Easyfresh, the only global dedicated reefer logistics operators headquartered in Valencia, Spain.  Various freight railway operators will handle traction along the 1,800 kilometres route on their behalf. The train will be loaded with 45' feet diesel electric equipment, already part of the fleet operated in the North Sea by Frigobreda. These units match the capacity of the usual reefer trucks, which normally carry all types of Spanish fresh produce from the Southeast Iberian Peninsula to all Europe. The Port of Moerdijk is the fourth largest and most inland located sea port in the Netherlands,very close to Frigobreda reputed coldstore facilities. The open connection to the sea and the maximum freedom of choice for railway, road, , inland waterway or sea shipping will bring all of the Spanish fresh produce exporters' final destinations within reach. In fact, due to its strategic location, between Rotterdam and Antwerp,  the Port of Moerdijk is a pre-eminent logistical hotspot. It connects with 9x sailings per week Moerdijk-Immingham, 3x sailings per week Moerdijk-London , 2x sailings per week Moerdijk-Teesport,  2x sailings per week Moerdijk-Blyth and several others to Norway, Ireland, etc.. Valencia-Silla railhead is owned by ADIF, a Spanish state-owned company under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, operating Spain's railway infrastructure, that is the track, signaling and stations. ADIF was formed in 2005 in response to European Union requirements to separate the ownership and infrastructure management from the proper rail services. Valencia-Silla is located south from Valencia and, subsequently, excellently connected by road to all Southeast Spain key production areas within the Provinces of Almeria, Murcia, Valencia and Alicante. Read More

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