The first “Heos” store in China

The new Hypermarket in Guangzhou city, in the south of China, is the first store in China with Heos, the technology that has been awarded with the coveted AHR Innovation Award for the refrigeration category. This Heos installation in China wants to demonstrate that this kind of solution can be easily applied in the Chinese market: CAREL and Shanghai General Fushi have the expertise and the competence to bring this innovation into the country in order to improve the way to make refrigeration for the Retailer and maximize the benefit for him thanks to this new technology. Heos The Hypermarket in Guangzhou has 72 showcases divided into 33 cabinets for medium temperature and 39 cabinets for low temperature including cold rooms for a total cooling capacity of 127 kW. All the cabinets and cold rooms are equipped with independent refrigeration units controlled by the CAREL solution Heos, High Efficiency Showcase controller, able to manage completely a high efficiency showcase with the advanced management of CAREL Power+ Inverter for the DC compressor and the CAREL electronic expansion valve. The condensation of all refrigeration units is done through a water loop system designed by Shanghai General Fushi, this is generally cooled by a cooling tower installed outside. A water to water chiller is used, just for low temperature cabinets in order to maximize the efficiency only in the hot periods. The Store already achieved some of the main benefits provide by the solution that could be summarized as follow:
  • Energy saving expected up to 20% compared with a traditional retailer’s system in the hot climate region.
  • Around 80% of refrigerant recharge reduction compare to a traditional system.
  • No refrigerant leaks detected with a forecast of up to 96% of refrigerant leaks reduction;
  • Around 40% in time reduction in terms of commissioning and startup of the store;
  • Smooth temperature regulation since the first power on of the cabinets for an optimum food temperature control;
  • No need for a dedicated area for the rack unit and the space has been reallocated for other activities.
Mr. Zhang Tingxun of Shanghai General Fushi said “… The system have been running more than one month and we can say today that it is truly successful energy saving and green technology. Based on the electrical power consumption data compare between this Waterloop System store and a traditional, on same size and same location, we can see Waterloop System store can achieve about 18% energy saving in south of China (where average temperature in the whole year is 27 C). Thanks the Retailer gives us this opportunity to design and provide this high efficient system, this Store in the south of China is just a start for us to move forward. Shanghai General Fushi will work more closely with Carel China team to promote this DC-Inverter energy saving Waterloop System to more and more customers. “
  Source: Carel
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