The first hypermarket "Globus" with a CO2 transcritical refrigeration system in Russia

Date: 15 April 2019
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Las week the 15th Globus hypermarket, located in the Salaris mall, Moscow, has opened. This is the first retailer's store using transcritical CO2 booster refrigeration units.

Two transcritical booster refrigeration units on carbon dioxide produced by TehnoFrost company are responsible for the cold supply of all consumers in the sales area of ​​the hypermarket, as well as low and medium temperature chambers, processing equipment and workshops. Their total refrigerating capacity is about 1 Megawatt, which makes the Globus hypermarket in Salarievo one of the largest facility using a transcritical CO2 solution in Russia.

Еach transcritical carbon dioxide booster refrigeration unit is equipped with a heat recovery system that uses high-grade energy from the discharge line to heat water for the needs of hot water supply and heating, which makes it possible to completely abandon external water heating systems during the warm period of the year and reduce the required heat output by more than 750 kW.

The project was implemented by Cryofrost Engineering.

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