The New Despar Supermarket Equipped Arneg

The first DESPAR Supermarket has been inaugurated in the heart of Padua, in Piazza della Frutta, one of the main squares of the city. Arneg has proudly furnished this new shop in the name of a lifestyle closer to health and wellbeing. In fact, in occasion of the official opening, Fabio Donà –Marketing Director of Aspiag Service – stated that “The new DESPAR supermarket will be a meeting point between customers who love daily shoppingand customers in constant research of well-being”. Then, the Marketing Director Donà pointed out that in the new DESPAR: “There will be no hot-cases, but only a great selection of first quality gastronomic specialties”. For this reason, day by day Arneg will guarantee the quality of the products thanks to its last cutting-edge retail solutions. LOSANNA 2, the rear service cabinet perfect for displaying a wide range of salami. VENEZIA 2, the ideal refrigerated cabinet for delicatessen meals. PANAMA 3 P in its two versions: the vertical multi-deck cabinet able to preserve fresh fruit, vegetables and fourth range products for longer; the semi-vertical cabinet suitable for the storage of meat, salami and cheese. MINI ASTANA, the vertical cabinet with glass doors used for self-service frozen products and MALAGA, the transparent, simple and minimalist vertical cabinet ideal for offering the maximum visibility to the wine cellar area of the store. [gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="8768,8769,8770,8771,8772,8773,8774,8767"]
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