The New Despar Supermarket Equipped Arneg


The first DESPAR Supermarket has been inaugurated in the heart of Padua, in Piazza della Frutta, one of the main squares of the city.

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Arneg has proudly furnished this new shop in the name of a lifestyle closer to health and wellbeing.

In fact, in occasion of the official opening, Fabio Donà –Marketing Director of Aspiag Service – stated that “The new DESPAR supermarket will be a meeting point between customers who love daily shoppingand customers in constant research of well-being”.

Then, the Marketing Director Donà pointed out that in the new DESPAR: “There will be no hot-cases, but only a great selection of first quality gastronomic specialties”.

For this reason, day by day Arneg will guarantee the quality of the products thanks to its last cutting-edge retail solutions. LOSANNA 2, the rear service cabinet perfect for displaying a wide range of salami. VENEZIA 2, the ideal refrigerated cabinet for delicatessen meals. PANAMA 3 P in its two versions: the vertical multi-deck cabinet able to preserve fresh fruit, vegetables and fourth range products for longer; the semi-vertical cabinet suitable for the storage of meat, salami and cheese. MINI ASTANA, the vertical cabinet with glass doors used for self-service frozen products and MALAGA, the transparent, simple and minimalist vertical cabinet ideal for offering the maximum visibility to the wine cellar area of the store.

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