The new Eliwell Digital Academy is now online

Date: 20 November 2020
The new Eliwell Digital Academy is now online

The new Eliwell Digital Academy, portal, the digital space created to offer Eliwell customers and partners innovative support enabling them to find out about, choose and make the most effective use of the Belluno company's refrigeration products and solutions, has now gone online.

Closer customer support through digitization

Even during the lockdown period, Eliwell never ceased operations and continued to invest, not only in the development of new products but also in the reinforcement and innovation of the existing digital channels, to constantly improve its customer support.

This led to the idea of creating a single online repository to contain a wide range of materials on refrigeration control solutions: sales information, technical details, step-by-step guides and application inputs are accessible in one click, to increase the skills of distributors, partners, installers and end users in the choice and use of Eliwell solutions.

The customer and his needs are firmly in the centre of the new digital project, to deliver immediate responses to his requirements with a series of videos and presentations designed to be complete, specific and always available, anywhere and at any time.

Portal operation and contents

Eliwell Digital Academy is a portal directly accessible from the website and is well structured with a fascinating offering of regularly updated contents.

So customers can attend sales webinars or consult informative materials about new products or topics of interest for refrigeration, with in-depth information on regulatory and applicational issues regarding the use of electronic and electromechanical control solutions, through to monitoring solutions.The platform also features contents with guidance, for example, on the choice of controller when using flammable refrigerants, or the benefits of installing a refrigerant leak detection system.

All resources can be chosen in relation to the user’s field of business, for distributors, partners, installers or operatives using Eliwell solutions for the control of refrigeration equipment or systems within retail businesses.

Future developments

The launch of Eliwell Digital Academy is only a starting-point and will lead to access to increasingly complete resources, including, for example, promotion of the use of the APPs developed by Eliwell, and raising the profile of the Innovation Hub: EcoStruxure for Retail, the demo centre that reproduces a real supermarket at the Belluno headquarters. Opened in 2019, this is a unique location, offering digital or first-person experience of Eliwell solutions “in action”.

“We intend Eliwell Digital Academy to be a working tool that grows every day, adapting to the latest trends and applications of interest to customers,” explains Luigi d’Andrea, Marketing Director Eliwell by Schneider Electric. “It’s a kind of thematic, dynamic library, designed to enhance the technical and consulting skills of both distributors and installers of our products, recognising their central role in the choice of increasingly smart, high-tech solutions for the world of refrigeration and energy saving.”

“Digital Academy is a useful resource that responds to queries that may arise in a distributor’s point of sale, during training meetings for distributors and installers, during the construction of a refrigeration system, or when faced with an in-service supermarket refrigerated showcase” Davide Candeago, Sales Director Eliwell by Schneider Electric, continues. “It’s a real digital working tool, accessible anywhere and at any time, which we are very happy to provide to customers at this challenging time, when we need to marshal our energies for a successful restart. The interest we are receiving from customers during the first weeks after the online launch confirm we are working in the right direction.”

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