The online training platform AEFYT at full capacity in May

Date: 08 April 2020
The online training platform AEFYT at full capacity in May
The online training platform AEFYT at full capacity in May

The virtual classroom training AEFYT, Association of Cold and technologies , continues at full capacity and is presented as an option ideal training during the weeks of confinement and / or mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic of the Covid-19 . Therefore, the management of the cold in Spain launches two courses that take place throughout the month of May. This is the first online course on "Improving Energy Efficiency of Refrigeration Systems" and first online course on " Compressor stations Multieyector of CO 2 . Defrost ".

"The firm commitment of AEFYT for online training cobra, right now, more important than ever. Our intention to bring learning without geographical borders to as many professionals as possible helps the sector cold moving forward and is fully prepared to take up to one hundred percent of economic activity " , said Manuel Lamúa, manager AEFYT .

  • The First Online Course Improving Energy Efficiency of Refrigerating Installations will be held between May 11 and June 1 in the afternoon for a total of 16 teaching hours. The purpose of the course is to analyze the functioning of the refrigeration installations laying the foundation for maximum energy efficiency thereof. Addresses also designing refrigeration systems of high energy efficiency and improving energy efficiency in existing refrigeration facilities. Both assumptions include case studies for the application of what is learned as widely as possible.

The course will be taught by Ricardo Giménez López, an engineer with proven technical and teaching experience, and Felix Sanz, industrial engineer and assistant to the management of AEFYT, coordinated by Manuel Lamúa, AEFYT manager.

  • The First Online Course " Compressor stations Multieyector of CO 2 . defrost "will take place between 20 May and 10 June in the afternoon which will add 16 teaching hours. The course aims to analyze the physical configuration of compressor stations, including multi-ejectors, to prevent the occurrence of problems during operation. During the formation adjustments must be made to achieve good economic and energy management systems with proper scaling of the compressors will be studied. Furthermore, analyzing defrosting systems and all maneuvers necessary during the process for proper development of all processes avoiding excessive thermal load and slugging.

The course will be taught with Felix Sanz, industrial engineer and assistant to the management of AEFYT; Óscar Fernández, industrial engineer; and Cristina Martin, a mechanical engineer, both from the company Danfoss.

The two courses are specifically aimed at design engineers of refrigeration facilities, heads of engineering, refrigeration installers enabled, responsible for maintenance and security officers of refrigeration systems multipurpose refrigerated warehouses, ice factories, dairies and dairy industries, among others.

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