Thermo King Adds the Power of Connectivity to the T-Series Self-Powered Transport Refrigeration Units

Date: 15 May 2019
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Thermo King introduces the TK BlueBox connectivity technology to its T-Series range of self-powered transport refrigeration units. 

Part of the Thermo King TracKing telematics offering, the TK BlueBox communication device can be accessedthrough the TracKing web portal, or through the TK Reefer and TK Notify mobile apps on a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device.This allows fleet managers and drivers to remotely access vital unit data and get real-time notifications to ensure that the load is protected at all times and the unit is running at its most efficient. Drivers can monitor cargo temperatures and the reefer even when they are away from the vehicle during deliveries or on a break.

Colm O’Grady, product manager at Thermo King says:
"With this new solution on our T-Series rangefleet managers and business owners will receive improved level of real time intelligence on the operation of their refrigerated vehicle. The TK BlueBox device gathers data from multiple sensors and transfers all data to the central TracKing platform over the air. This gives fleet managers the capability to see things like unit operating and temperature status or temperature set-point, all from one central location. If they seesomething out of the ordinary, they caninstantly address the issueto avoid any negative impact to the load."

TK BlueBox communication device and Bluetooth connectivityprovides full, 24/7 visibility of the unit and load condition:
• The TK BlueBox telematics system can be accessed remotely through a free TK Reefer app on smart phone or Bluetooth-enabled device. This provides two-way communication that allows real-time unit management and access to critical data to ensure that the load is protected at all times. 
• Bluetooth enables the users within the connection’s range to remotely manage defrost, pre-trip, set point and additional operating mode settings. 
• The unit can also be accessed and managed remotely from anywhere in the world through an internet connection as part of the Thermo King TracKing offering.

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