Thermo King and Frigoblock Bring New Electrifying Solutions to the Solutrans 2019 Show

Date: 13 November 2019
Thermo King and Frigoblock Bring New Electrifying Solutions to the Solutrans 2019 Show
Thermo King and Frigoblock Bring New Electrifying Solutions to the Solutrans 2019 Show

Thermo King and Frigoblock of Ingersoll Rand, a world leader in creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, are coming to the Solutrans show on November 19-23, in Lyon, France to premiere the latest transport refrigeration solutions powered by electricity, data and clean technology.The show’s premieres will include new hybrid units for trucks, which demonstrate Thermo King’s commitment to the continuous advancement of transport climate control technologies and sustainable urban distribution.

“Today, we come to Solutrans as the leader in electrification in the transport climate control industry,” said Francesco Incalza, vice president product management and marketing at Thermo King. “We were the first to offer our European customers a true hybrid and non-diesel trailer refrigeration technology, and now we are expanding it to our truck range. We’re happy to introduce these new units to the largest range of zero and low-emissions solutions that are combatting exhaust, CO2 and noise pollutions in all segments of the market - from truck, trailer to home delivery vans.”

Products and solutions presented by Thermo King and Frigoblock at the booth 5 U 089 address environmental objectives driving the transport refrigeration market and show how transporters can stay ahead of regulations, control their total cost of ownership, increase efficiency and achieve important sustainability goals. The highlights will include:

· The premiere of the T-Series Hybrid and UT Hybrid solution for trucks, drawbar trailers and high loaders. The new Thermo King truck hybrid units for both nose-mount and under-mount applications leverage Frigoblock alternator and inverter-drive technology, which allows the unit to switch the power between diesel and electric mode as required or necessary. This gives transport companies the flexibility to operate the vehicle in inner cities, residential areas and low emission zones, improving operational efficiency and contributing to increased fuel savings and lower emissions.

· New, intelligent E-200 all-electric units for both electric and engine-powered vans and trucks below 3,5 tonnes. With performance independent from the vehicle, the E-200 can be supplied with optional battery pack or use the vehicle’s secondary battery to get hold over capacity during stops for deliveries or breaks.Combined with electric vehicles, the E-200 creates refrigerated transportation that moves foods and goods safely with zero-emission, low noise and maximum convenience for urban populations. This contributes to cleaner and more sustainable urban transport and delivery operations.

· New additions to the Thermo King Connected Solutions portfolio: Lease Assist and TouchLog data logger.The Thermo King Lease Assist was developed specifically for rental and lease companies, who are looking to optimize their business processes based on real data and visibility of how the units are used by their customers. Thermo King TouchLog is an independent data logger measuring the temperature with an accuracy of0.5degrees Celsius between -25 degrees Celsius and +8 degrees Celsius, giving peace of mind to companies like the pharmaceutical transporters, who require their sensitive goods to be monitored within strict temperature guidelines.

· New Spectrum S4.2 slim dual discharge evaporator for truck refrigeration units maximize the volume available for the payload and facilitate access during loading/unloading operations. Thanks to its reduced height and profile, the new evaporator leaves enough space for the back roll-up door to retract under it. Bringing improved zone flexibility through improved airflow dynamics and dual direction airflow, the Spectrum S4.2 unit can replace two evaporators in a single zone without compromising on refrigeration performance. 

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