Thermo King Introduces New V-200s Series of Compact and Powerful Refrigeration Units for Small Delivery Vans and Trucks


Thermo King introduces the V-200s series of refrigeration units, the newest addition to the non-diesel, vehicle-powered range provides efficient and environmentally friendly transport refrigeration for small delivery vans and trucks.

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Thermo King V-200s series of vehicle-powered refrigeration systems offers the high performance and efficiency of the provenV-200 MAX series in a more compact design.

The V-200s series provides optimal refrigeration capacity for vehicles up to 10m³ for frozen and up to 19m³ for fresh products deliveries.

“Delivery companies need to transport an ever widening range of fresh products to meet the evolving needs and habits of their consumers. And they need to do this while looking after the environmental concerns and challenges as well as their profitability,” saidEneko Fernandez, vehicle-powered truck product manager at Thermo King in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “With the new V-200s units, they can simultaneously reduce the environmental impact of theirdeliveries, maintain cost effective operations and stay ahead of regulatory and industry standards.”

The samesmall size of the condenser as inthe Thermo King V-100 units contributes to lower refrigerant charge, lower weight of the unit and increased payload.No requirement for a separate engine results in further significant reductions in emissions and noise pollution.The design of these units makes them ideal for city distribution where access can be height-limited, giving delivery companies and their drivers additional operational flexibility.

The V-200s series vehicle-powered units come as standard with the next generation R-452A refrigerant that was co-developed by Thermo King and Chemours and has approximatelyhalf the global warming potential (GWP) of the incumbent R-404A.

Thermo King was the first to offer units with R-452A and the first to make this standard across its entire range of trailer, truck and small vehicle-powered units sold throughout Europe. This allows transport companies to be aligned with the European Union F-Gas Regulation designed to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

This combined portfolio of products with R-452A offers transporters the safest, most environmentally responsible, and technically and commercially viable solution for van, truck and trailer refrigeration applications.


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