TOWER Cold Chain Solutions announces its partnership with Protek Pharma Worldwide LLC

Date: 09 July 2018
Protek is a highly experienced and established global presence in managing cold chain pharmaceutical freight with solutions for temperature protection. The partnership with TOWER further expands their product portfolio whilst offering a more robust sales network, enhancing TOWER’s access and distribution to the US market. Commenting on this partnership, Chris Pollard, CEO, TOWER said, “This new partnership confirms TOWER’s commitment to growing its US market. The Protek team brings considerable experience to TOWER and we hope that they will play a key role in the next stage of TOWER’s growth strategy. We look forward to collaborating with Protek’s talented team and expect great success”. In response, Chris Anderson, Director of Sales, Protek commented,“We are very excited to be partnering with TOWER, this is a terrific opportunity in supporting TOWER, particularly across the dynamic US marketplace. “Our industry is governed by challenging regulations, stringent temperature requirements and seeks greater cost efficiencies, therefore, I believe that TOWER, with its KT & KTM range of containers, in partnership with Protek, offers class-leading compliance ensuring the safety and efficacy of the product payload”. “As our customer base has grown, so has the need to support it globally” explained Niall Balfour, Managing Director, TOWER. “TOWER has excellent relationships with our existing clients and partners, of which we are very proud, and now, this exciting collaboration with Protek allows us to extend our reach across the US market”. TOWER Cold Chain Solutions – ‘The One Way Easy Rental,’ operates across a growing global network that allows customers to take advantage of the cost savings associated with reusable shipping containers without the added burden of repositioning the container. With conditioning centres across Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific, this full service provides a solution that reduces the total cost of shipping.
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