Tower Tech Announces New Factory

Date: 31 May 2019
Tower Tech Announces New Factory
Tower Tech is pleased to announce production and shipment of towers has started at their newly finished factory in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania.

Nearly 20 months ago, Creative Pultrusions Inc., a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, purchased Tower Tech with several fast-paced goals to grow the Tower Tech Cooling Tower brand. One of the primary objectives of this growth strategy was to centralize the manufacturing of the Tower Tech Cooling Towers.

Being the core supplier and producer of Tower Tech’s industry-best, pultruded fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) walls, Creative Pultrusions calculated that by building Tower Tech’s Modular FRP Cooling Towers at the same location as their pultruded walls, they could provide better efficiencies on production and cost savings on freight.

Located on Creative Pultrusions campus, the new factory is 100 feet wide by 360 feet long and is set up for the sole production of Tower Tech Cooling Towers. After many hours mastering Tower Tech’s lean six sigma quality manufacturing process, the very first Tower Tech Cooling Tower left the new plant on April 30, 2019.

“With the first tower shipping out of the new facility, we are pleased to continue the now 27-year tradition of shipping the highest quality cooling towers to the cooling industry. As before, every single cooling tower out of our new facility follows our rigorous quality manufacturing program and is electrically-tested and water-certified before leaving our plant,” stated Micah Curtis, Director of Sales.

Tower Tech will be announcing more details about a grand-opening ceremony with an official unveiling and tour of the new plant for customers, representatives, and suppliers.

“We plan to keep focusing on achieving our strategic growth goals, elevating the tradition set by Tower Tech, and servicing the ever-growing Tower Tech customer base from the new facility. There were complex and challenging processes involved with relocating the facility, but our dedicated employees, customers, and partners helped make this transition possible; I want to thank everyone involved. We look forward to the ribbon cutting ceremony so we can showcase our new Tower Tech facility to the public and our customers,” said Shane Weyant, CEO/President of Creative Pultrusions.

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