Trane and Thermo King Increase Sustainability Ambitions at Climate Week NYC

Date: 25 September 2019
Trane and Thermo King Increase Sustainability Ambitions at Climate Week NYC

Ingersoll Rand, a brand Trane and Thermo King, is further committing to bold action towards sustainability this week on a global stage at Climate Week NYC in New York City.

The company and its Trane and Thermo King businesses have launched the Gigaton Challenge to reduce 1 gigaton of carbon emissions from its customers’ footprint by 2030, transforming the way the world heats and cools buildings, and refrigerates cargo in transport. One gigaton is the equivalent of the annual emissions of Italy, France and the United Kingdom combined. The Gigaton Challenge is one of three pillars of the brands’ 2030 Sustainability Commitment.

Trane and Thermo King are committed to lead by example, transforming supply chain and operations to have a restorative impact on the environment. This includes achieving carbon neutral operations and giving back more water than used in water-stressed areas. Together, Trane and Thermo King will also increase opportunity for all, strengthening economic mobility and bolstering the quality of life of its people. This includes achieving gender parity in leadership roles, a workforce reflective of its community populations, maintaining livable market-competitive wages and broadening community access to cooling comfort, housing and food.

“The next frontier of sustainability starts with bold action,” said Michael W. Lamach, Chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand. “Addressing the world’s greatest challenges including climate change, urbanization and resource scarcity requires companies like ours to make ESG core to how we innovate, operate and engage. Collaboration is key to accelerating positive change and Climate Week NYC provides a powerful platform to engage.”

During Climate Week NYC, Lamach and leaders from Trane and Thermo King will join the world’s most influential companies and make these additional pledges central to its 2030 sustainability commitments:

  • Alliance to Save Energy 3% Club – Trane and Thermo King will improve operational energy efficiency (intensity) by 3% annually.
  • Climate Group RE100 – Trane and Thermo King have agreed to join the RE100 and set a 100% renewable electricity target for its entire global operations by 2040.
  • Climate Group EP100 – Trane and Thermo King have agreed to join the EP100 and have committed to doubling its energy productivity by 2035.
  • U.N. Environment Cool Coalition – Trane has committed to make lower GWP alternatives available in all platforms globally by 2030.

Lamach, Dave Regnery, Executive Vice President of Ingersoll Rand, and Scott Tew, Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand will represent the organization and participate in speaking sessions and forums during Climate Week NYC.

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