Transport refrigeration on IAA Show 2016, Germany

The exhibition IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 started today, 22 of September. All details on website of exhibition There are presentation of refrigeration transport equipment Thermo King and Carrier Transicold. Thermo King Thermo King expose the SLXi platform of single- and multi-temperature trailer refrigeration units were developed with an expanded focus on the unit’s intelligence, communication capabilities, fuel consumption and temperature management. thermo-king-slxi_484 Key differentiators of the SLXi include: Greater fuel efficiency in real-world operating conditions: The SXLi range includes tailorable operational parameters to meet customer needs, application and ambient conditions. The customized profile conditions create optimized performance and fuel savings of 10 to 20 percent, compared with itspredecessor. 24/7 connectivity with telematics as standard:Leveraging the October 2015 acquisition of Celtrak, the SLXi is the industry’s first fully telematics-enabled refrigerated trailer unit, delivering full visibility of the unit and load condition with Thermo King’s new TK BlueBox communication device and Bluetooth® as standard. thermo-king-slxi_442 Thermo King hybrid concept thermo-king-frigoblock-hybrid-682 Presented for the first time at IAA 2016, the new Hybrid Drive Trailer concept combines the proven expertise and technologies from both Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK and will become part of the SLXi refrigerated trailer platform. The Hybrid Drive Trailer concept offers additional fuel and operational savings, as well as low emission and noise levels enabling transport companies access to inner city areas and restricted zones. The Thermo King Hybrid Drive allows a refrigerated semi-trailer attached to a tractor with a FRIGOBLOCK Enviro Drive inverter filter to run electrically. This enables the trailer refrigeration unit to be powered as a hybrid drive, by either the electric alternator or through its own independent diesel engine. This innovative solution combines the alternator and the diesel engine to offer a potential reduction of 5,000liters of fuel per year in companies with demanding distribution operations, which equals annual savings of approximately EUR 5,000 based on average diesel price of EUR 1.00 per liter. Standard TK BlueBox telematics system stores the data and provides ability for two-way communication to ensure that the load is protected at all times and the geo-location feature will automatically switch the power between diesel and truck Enviro Drive as required or necessary. UT Spectrum: the UT-Series multi-temperature truck unit thermo-king-ut-533 Designed to meet the needs of urban distributers who require multiple temperature zones, the new UT Spectrum unit extends the range of the UT-Series platform of products. The UT-Series offers under-mount refrigeration units for truck and drawbar trailer applications. The UT Spectrum unit provides total protection for both fresh and frozen goods in a range of two and three compartment configurations while meeting low noise requirements faced by distribution operations. These zone configurations ensure great flexibility to meet operational needs, minimizing cost and optimizing the distribution logistics of temperature sensitive goods. Developed to minimize environmental impact while delivering significant efficiency gains and a lower total cost of ownership, the UT Spectrum offers proven reliability, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and low emissions. thermo-king-ut-614 All Thermo King products come with R-452A refrigerant as standard and is part of the Ingersoll Rand EcoWise portfolio of products designed to lower environmental impact with next-generation, low-GWP refrigerants and high efficiency operation.   Carrier Transicold Carrier Transicold introduce visitors to a prototype natural refrigerant trailer unit as well as a new generation of engineless transport refrigeration systems. The prototype natural refrigerant trailer unit will be making its IAA debut, mounted to a Rohr trailer and displayed on the Rohr stand (F09) in Hall 27. Following the IAA Show, it will enter service on a three-year technology field trial with German retailer Netto Marken-Discount. The prototype unit stands apart from conventional transport refrigeration technology for operating exclusively with carbon dioxide (CO₂) refrigerant in a closed-loop system. CO₂ is a safe and non-ozone depleting gas with a global warming potential (GWP) of one, delivering a massive reduction in F-Gases and making it the baseline against which other refrigerants are measured. carrier-transicold-iaa-show-400x260 Carrier Transicold also showcase the new engineless transport refrigeration units that have joined its range following the strategic acquisition of Dutch firm, TRS Transportkoeling b.v. (TRS). The Carrier stand will feature an example of the ground-breaking ECO-DRIVE power module, which utilises the power generated by a truck’s own Euro VI diesel engine to drive a host refrigeration unit, removing the need for a secondary engine. Joining the new TRS units on the stand will be a Supra system featuring the Low Emissions Pack. This includes a low-emission diesel engine, which reduces particulate matter by up to 50 per cent versus a standard engine, together with Carrier’s ‘Silent’ option kit for quieter operation and the use of R-452A refrigerant. carrier-transicold-eco-iaa-show-400x260 Carrier Transicold will also display a Vector 1950MT trailer unit with R-452A refrigerant. Available across Supra and Vector models, R-452A refrigerant offers the same cooling capacity, fuel efficiency, reliability and charge as the standard R-404A refrigerant, but with a 45 per cent reduction in GWP.

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