Underwriters Laboratories has approved Castel products for US market

Date: 06 May 2020
Underwriters Laboratories has approved Castel products for US market
Underwriters Laboratories has approved Castel products for US market

Filters in SF series and a wide selection solenoid valves of Castel, an Italian manufacturer, have been approved by the American certification authority Underwriters Laboratories.

Filter driers with replaceable solid core, SF series.

Maximum working pressure is 600 psi according to UL approval and working temperatures range is -40°C to +80°C.

Body diameters are 121mm and the overall dimensions are suitable for all applications. SF filters have been developed by Castel for all those commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and civil and industrial air conditioning plants that use the most common fluids.

This range of filter driers can be installed in the liquid line as dehydrating filters.

They use two different kind of cartridges: 100% molecular sieves or 80% molecular sieves and 20% activated alumina. View the 2020 Castel Product catalogue to find your best cartridge choice. SF series are available in four sizes to accept one to four cartridges.

A mechanical filter version is also available, to be used in the suction line.

Good filtering of the refrigerant on the low-pressure side of the system protects the compressor against the impurities. System cleanliness is ensured by micro filtering cores characterized by a large filter surface.

These consist of metal mesh fabric with a controlled porosity filter sieve insert, which can retain solid particles down to 20 microns.

Solenoid valves

A wide selection of Castel solenoid valves has been approved by the American Certification Authority Underwriters Laboratories Inc. with file MH5005, in compliance with American standard UL 429.

Castel solenoid valves can be used in industrial applications, for air and other fluids present in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, for fluorinated and natural refrigerants.

Solenoid valves are available in a wide range of options - working pressures/temperatures, connections, coupled to various types of coils, with different power levels and all the most common voltages. A large Castel selection of UL approved coils are available with many connections types (standard connector, junction box NEMA2 or conduit hub NEMA4) making them easily adaptable to different applications or needs.

Take a look to 2020 Castel Product catalogue to find your best choice.

Normally closed solenoid valves for industrial refrigeration are available in different versions: direct acting or diaphragm/piston actuator operating principle. They can be installed on the three main branches of the system (liquid line, suction line and hot gas line). All normally closed solenoid valves are available in the version without coil (with suffix S) for maximum flexibility.

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