va-Q-tec receives important European patent for passive thermal containers

va-Q-tec AG has received an important and very wide-reaching patent for passive pallet-size containers with vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) and phase change materials (PCMs). VIPs and PCMs are utilised for reliable and energy-efficient insulation and temperature control, especially for temperature-sensitive freight and long-haul transportation in passive containers. The European Patent EP 2 876 389 B1 is valid in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Liechtenstein as well as in Switzerland and covers e.g. the va-Q-tainer product series. All va-Q-tainers enable the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods in compliance with international regulations primarily for the pharma and biotech industry. These containers ensure temperature stability for more than five days without requiring external energy sources – irrespective of the climate zone and season in which transportation’s container technology can even maintain the temperature for up to ten days or more in moderate climate conditions. "The patent we have now received reflects the strength of our patent portfolio comprising more than 120 industrial property rights. In addition, it confirms our expertise and technical USP in the passive container area as well as protects our company's value," notes Dr. Joachim Kuhn, founder and CEO of va-Q-tec AG. Dr. Roland Caps, founder and Head of Research & Development at va-Q-tec AG adds: "The Patent comprises an overall technical concept for passive thermal containers. Without this patent, it is barely possible to produce an economically and technically functional high-performance container. This patent also highlights the massive performance advantage of our solution compared to active (c. Factor 3) and other passive (c. Factor 2) containers which do not use the now patented technology." Based on its VIP and PCM technology, va-Q-tec has designed the va-Q-tainer product series to include four container sizes. The market for temperature -controlled transportation is highly regulated and complies with international Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards. The innovative high-performance packaging from va-Q-tec already ensures not only seamless cold chain conformity, but also sets new quality benchmarks in pharmaceutical and temp chain logistics. "Imitators and competitors will now have to survive without some important thermal and mechanical functions," comments Dr. Joachim Kuhn. “The competition seems to be interested in the now legally protected technology and the highly energy efficient containers which are produced from it. We detected that competitors are offering patent infringing products. Obviously, we will take further steps to defend our technology."
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