Vanke, Huurre and Granlund to cooperate for greener ice rinks for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics


As part of the preparation for the Beijing 2022 “Green” Winter Olympics, China is putting large efforts into the winter sport facilities and hundreds of new ice rinks will be built. To facilitate this, China’s leading real estate developer Vanke, Finnish refrigeration and heat transfer technology house Huurre and Finnish building technology designer Granlund have agreed to work together towards most safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient ice rinks.

“Due to Vanke’s deep-rooted commitment to environmentally sound operations, we welcome Huurre’s expertise in the green fully digitalised and automated CO<sub>2</sub> refrigeration technology and Granlund’s experience in environmentally solid building technology design” says Mr Shawn Liu, SVP of China Vanke Co, Ltd.

“Huurre highly respects China’s commitment to the reduction of harmful emissions, and sees cooperation with Vanke and Granlund as the best way to advance this positive development” says Dr JT Bergqvist, Chairman and CEO of Huurre.

“Co-operation with Vanke and Huurre will open Granlund new important opportunities to contribute to the environmentally solid design of the energy-intense ice rink building” says Pekka Metsi, CEO and Partner of Granlund Oy.

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Source: Huurre

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