Viessmann refrigeration installation for Food Market Herkku

Date: 26 April 2019
Viessmann refrigeration installation for Food Market Herkku
Viessmann refrigeration installation for Food Market Herkku
Viessmann refrigeration installation for Food Market Herkku
Viessmann refrigeration installation for Food Market Herkku

New Food Market Herkku is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly store

Food Market Herkku is a food oasis right in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. The selection is wide and covers products that are less often seen in Finland. Food Market Herkku appreciates good food, clean raw materials and high quality customer service.

For a large project, skilled partners were needed

The store experienced a significant change when the concept was renewed during the summer of 2018. This was perhaps one of HOK-Elanto's largest ever business location projects. The concept was last updated about 10 years ago and, for example, the previous refrigeration plant had come to an end.

- We chose Viessmann, because we needed the most reliable partners for this project, says Jaakko Niemi, Project Manager responsible for the renewal.

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions delivered a new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly CO2 refrigeration plant to the store. The delivery also included remote cabinets like multidecks and freezers and a selection of plug-in cabinets. The installation was made by the Viessmann refrigeration installation team and two partners.

- The project was challenging for all of us, including the Viessmann installation team. They did a lot of night work and had to work also among consumers who were shopping at the department store at the same time. Installation team worked together with the construction company who was responsible for the transportation of the goods. In spite of the challenging conditions the outcome was excellent, says Niemi.

- A particular challenge was the fact that the work was done during the opening hours in a store where food safety is of the utmost importance. Well done, adds Niemi.

Excellent feedback from customers

Viessmann's installation team also receives roses from Teivaala. Communication was good across the whole project and cooperation was easy. The renewal took about four months and the end result has been a success. The difference to the previous store is considerable.

- When the work was done during the summer, I couldn't even realize how amazing this would be. Now everything is ready and customers have given only positive feedback. It's easy to notice that the change compared to the previous one is huge, Teivaala says.

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