Viessmann’s new Visio cabinet has been shortlisted for the title of Refrigeration Product of the Year in the ACR News Awards

Viessmann’s new and highly acclaimed Visio cabinet has been shortlisted for the title of Refrigeration Product of the Year in the ACR News Awards, the leading event for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Visio is a 360-degree LED-lit mid-size cabinet that fits well in small stores where every square metre counts. Four-sided and multi-deck, Visio has large see-through glass surfaces for maximising the display area as well as wow-factor. Doors on both sides provide greater flexibility in store layout and are more convenient for customers and staff. Visio’s innovative concept allows retail spaces to be designed in ways that would previously not have been possible. Visio is designed to replace two conventional multi-decks in back-to-back formation on parallel aisles with one beautifully designed cabinet. Without the confines of back-to-back positioning, walls, or aisles, Visio has the power to turn store layout on its head. Visio can turn up in surprising locations, inspiring impulse buys. Its eye-catching look makes it ideal for in-store promotions. The design concept of Visio means retailers effectively get two cabinets for the floor space and energy of one. Installation is simpler and floor space is maximized. Energy consumption is reduced by almost 50 per cent, due to there being just one refrigerator unit. By allowing retailers to install one unit in the place of two, Visio uses far fewer materials. Ninety-nine per cent of Visio’s materials are recyclable. A patent is pending for the Visio’s combination of transparent design and clever air management system. Airflow is directed up along the side wall and back down into the cabinet via ducts in each side of the top section of the cabinet. Airflow optimisation ensures superior temperature performance and allowed Viessmann’s designers to create uninterrupted shelf surfaces, which make replenishment easy and enhance the product’s visual impact. The ACR News Awards 2016 winners will be announced during a ceremony at the Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham, on 17 th February 2016.   Source: Viessmann
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