Wieland Group Acquisited Of Kessler Sales & Distribution

The Wieland Group expands its North American Sales & Service organization with the acquisition of Kessler Sales & Distribution Kessler Sales & Distribution (KSD), Woodbridge, NJ, is the latest acquisition of the Wieland Group – the global leader in premium copper products and innovative customer solutions. As part of the Wieland Group’s U.S. growth strategy, we are proud to announce the acquisition of a majority stake of Kessler Sales & Distribution (KSD), in Woodbridge, NJ. In close cooperation with Wieland Copper Products, LLC, in Pine Hall, NC, the company, now operating as Wieland-Kessler, LLC, will leverage an integrated and highly agile supply chain for superior customer service, in close proximity to our customers, with multiple locations in the United States. Furthermore, the Wieland Group continues to enhance its product portfolio and service offerings through Wieland-Kessler’s sales and distribution network, while building on the Group’s global expertise in premium copper solutions.

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