Wursti chose the Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system

Date: 23 October 2019
Wursti chose the Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system

Wursti, a meat plant in Finland, chose the Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system with the iTOP automation solution for their Järvenpää factory’s modernisation due to savings and eco-friendliness. Huurre ECO refrigeration and heat production system already covers 60% of Wursti’s production facilities (installed in 2016), and in early 2020 the rest of the factory will have Huurre solution as well.

Wursti was founded in 1986 and today it employs 100 people. The family owned company has been pleased with the co-operation with Huurre. “We have saved dozens of percents in energy and water heating expenses” says Jaakko Saarela from Wursti. According to Saarela, Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation is a convenient tool which simplifies the life of a business owner significantly.

Huurre maintenance operations cover Wursti’s  biannual CO2 maintenance and the company also uses 24/7 service. “In my opinion Huurre service engineers are really friendly and professional and we have really got our money’s worth” Saarela says. It is vitally important for food industry players that the systems work properly. “With Huurre technology everything has worked extremely well and all maintenance and modernisation projects could have been carried out without interruptions in production” Saarela adds.

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