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Although refrigeration technology was originally introduced to keep foods and beverages cool, the range of applications has grown substantially since then. A distinction can be made between two principal areas of application: improving living and ambient conditions for humans, and improving commercial and industrial manufacturing processes.

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The circle represents the segments benefiting from heating and cooling, e.g. domestic appliances and commercial refrigeration, or industrial heat pumps and mobile air conditioning. Typical applications are shown for each of these.

The many applications for refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps and the extensive globalisation of the many industries involved make it difficult to gather figures on the market. JARN described the “World Refrigeration Equipment Market” for the first time in a special edition in late September. These are some of the results:

<strong>Global refrigeration market (products/installation/service) </strong>

The global market for refrigeration was forecast at US$90 billion for 2015. This covered products, installation and service. The market was broken down into industrial, commercial and transportation, with commercial refrigeration accounting for the largest share, at $57 billion. Industrial refrigeration amounted to $28 billion, and refrigeration applications for the logistics sector, including container shipping, were in the order of $5 billion.

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The principal areas of the global market for refrigeration, representing a total volume of $90 billion.

<strong>Products in the global commercial refrigeration market </strong>

The total market for <strong>commercial refrigeration for products </strong>(excluding installation and service) was estimated at US$38 billion. The greater share of this total, 49% ($18.6 billion), involved refrigeration equipment. Drinks coolers represented 14% of the market ($5.3 billion). Other areas of commercial refrigeration included ice machines (8%; $3 billion), vending machines (6%; $2.2 billion), other applications (15%; $5.7 billion) and components (8%; $3 billion).

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The principal areas of the global market for commercial refrigeration products, representing a total volume of $38 billion.

<strong>Global market for commercial refrigeration products, by region </strong>

North America was the largest market for commercial refrigeration, with a 32.8% share and a total volume of US$12.5 billion. This was followed by Europe (24.2%; $9.2 billion) and Asia (23.9%; $9.1 billion).

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The global market for commercial refrigeration products, representing a volume of $38 billion.


Source: <a href="http://www.chillventa.de" target="_blank">www.chillventa.de</a>

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