A new generation of chillers for ice arenas: Sportholod Intellect

Ltd. "A Plenty" produces refrigeration systems for ice arenas for over 10 years. Over the past years have been developed and perfected a unique production technology of artificial cold. The company responds promptly to customer needs and offers solutions to optimize and reduce the cost as capital investment and operating costs further. Qualifications and experience of technical staff allows us to implement unique and innovative projects in all market segments of the domestic platforms to the stadiums. prosotor5 Own production of modern equipment, streamlined workflow and quality control makes it possible to implement the boldest ideas of engineers and designers. The main task of the company on the market of refrigeration systems - a well-built competent competition based not on profits from the distribution of mass production units, and offer advanced technical solutions, it is relevant in the current project. Installing cooling ice box "Sportholod" was originally designed as a product of prefabrication, rather than a set of units and devices that require installation on site. The control system has the ability to connect remote access to control of the plant from the operator or administrator of the ice arena, fully automated and does not require the constant presence of skilled attendants to control devices for control and protection of individual units and cooling system components of the field. prosotor1 prosotor3 Mounting Position "Sportholod" at the facility involves only connection pipelines ice field, installation of pipelines remote air cooled condensers and supply power cable. In this regard, the presence of a large number of installers in the facility is not required, and significantly reduced installation time and commissioning. Throughout its activities in the company to gain experience on the use of plants in energy-saving technologies, improvement of management and control systems. At the same time the tradition of assigning names settings depending on the applied solutions: EQUATOR - installation, designed specifically for the southern regions of Russia, which allows operating the equipment at an ambient temperature of 40 C through the use of low-pressure Freon and original oil coolers own design. SIBERIA - installation, designed for regions with predominantly low ambient temperatures, allowing significant savings consumed electrical energy using natural cold. COMFORT - installation of the satellite type, which allows for simultaneous refrigeration ice field and drying systems and air conditioning. prosotor4 prosotor6 Virtually every installation applies heat recovery disposition. Recyclable heat can be used both to protect the soil from freezing and heat exchanger for heating registers pit melting ice crumbs, heating water for ldozalivochnoy machines, etc. The usual practice was the use of frequency converters motor speed, thanks to the use of which is provided by the simultaneous improvement of the dynamics and stability in the regulation of a predetermined operating parameter. It should be noted that the consumption of electrical energy in this case is reduced significantly. Improved and the management and control of refrigeration facilities. Typically, large-scale production facilities in control of the compressor capacity is carried out on the coolant temperature at the return pipe to the ice arena. Simply put, in series installations compressors work most of the time at 100% load on the principle of start-stop, because designed for the consumer with a constant load. Sports arena is not such a consumer, and the load on the installation varies between pouring ice workouts or games. The quality of ice depends not only on the coolant temperature but also on the temperature drop in the cooling plate and the surface of ice, the ice layer thickness. Charged in the refrigerant, thanks to its volume is still a good battery and cold, so the cooling plate of the ice arena and continues by inertia after the compressor stops. The installation "Sportholod" controls not only the temperature of the coolant, but its flow, the temperature difference at the ice arena and the optimum temperature of boiling refrigerant in accordance with it changing volumetric efficiency compressor and circulation pumps. Generalizing previously obtained experience, engineers and designers, LLC "A Plenty" designed and implemented the system cooling ice arenas, which can rightly be called a "rink smart": 1. System is controlled by the temperature of the ice surface, as is known, depending on the requirements of the sport to its value different. The temperature is monitored for indications of surface sensors placed evenly over the surface of the arena, which in turn ensures the temperature difference across the field no more than 0.5 K from the set. For realization of such solutions have been used sensors designed to monitor the icing road surfaces, i.e. adapted to this task and tested in demanding conditions. Application of this method of management and control allowed the development of software, making it possible to plan the work of the ice arena for the week ahead, ie advance for each hour of any day of the week the administration sets the desired temperature at the time mode without requiring the presence of a technician. 2. Depending on the dynamics of the temperature rise of the ice surface, a control system activates the installation stage performance. When filling, ie in case of temperature increase by more than 0,5 K for 60 seconds, setting is switched to full power. Flow of refrigerant through the evaporator is controlled by electronic expansion valves. Each compressor unit maintains an optimum boiling pressure using inverter motor speed controllers that allows significant savings in electricity consumption, depending on the changes in external weather factors or decrease (increase) the heat load directly onto the surface of the ice. 3. When you set the desired temperature on the surface of the ice arena and stop the compressor units, cold, accumulated a coolant, will be fed into a concrete slab as it is heating. The installation control system increases or decreases the volume flow rate of the circulation pump according to the temperature sensor mounted directly in the plate, thereby reducing the risk of ice peremorozki inertia. 4. Control System installation provides 100% recovery of heat utilized in the winter for heating underground parking. During summer occurs automatically switch to the coolers installed on the street. Described setting received its own name - "Intelligence". We are confident that it will find its consumers. Demand for modern technology is constantly growing, and few who already satisfy simple unit powered by switch. Just as long as many other beautiful and talk about "innovation economy and modernization" - we work.
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