Aermec's new multi-purpose plug-and-play unit with various temperature levels

Date: 13 November 2020

Aermec CPS combines the efficiency of the new multi-purpose air-water NRP (with a V-block structure and a 4-pipe version) with the performance of extra high temperature WWB booster heat pumps, all in one single machine.
The result of this combination is the compact new multi-purpose unit that guarantees cooling, heating at various temperature levels, and domestic hot water for hotels, residential and industrial contexts and the tertiary sector. CPS produces water up to 73°C, using mainly free-heating to meet cooling requests.

The efficiency of the new NRP air-water multi-purpose unit takes full advantage of free-heating for the simultaneous production of hot and cold air. Thanks to the raising of the temperature by the second WWB booster heat pump (the water-water heat pump for extra high temperatures), part of the heat from the unit can be used at the same time to produce domestic hot water by means of free-heating, especially in the summer months.

Available in 3 sizes with power levels from 164 to 490kW (cooling capacity), CPS guarantees high energy efficiency even with partial loads. It's particularly suitable for all those applications that call for simultaneous cooling and heating, above all when several temperature levels are required: hotels and accommodation facilities, shopping centres, multi-purpose buildings and, in certain cases, industrial and process applications (e.g. the food sector, industrial laundries, etc.).

Like all the Aermec solutions, the priority of CPS is to be environmentally friendly. To meet the design needs of the system in fact, CPS exploits renewable energy sources for both air conditioning and the production of domestic hot water.
That makes it ideal for the increasingly strict requisites of the new NZEB buildings, that come close to a 0 energy level and aim to reduce consumption whilst using renewable energy sources.

The two units are hydraulically connected and all their components are on a single platform to simplify design and installation with the plug&play system.
Overall dimensions are reduced and operating limits are extended, with enhanced average seasonal efficiency.

CPS also has microprocessor regulation complete with a dedicated touch screen panel for managing, modifying and viewing the operating parameters of the two units in graphic format, in all the working conditions of the system.