Air Cooled Magister CW by CIAT


<span class="t1_P">Range :</span>

5 chilled water (CW) models and 4 direct expansion (DXA) models

UNDER: Return from above and supply into the raised floor.

OVER: Return from front and supply from above.
    <li>CW:Vertical chilled-water air handling unit.</li>
    <li>DXA:Vertical self-contained unit with air condensation unit ( R410A fluid).</li>
<span class="t1_P">Operating range : </span>
Cooling capacity: 10 to 116 Kw
Air flow rates: 3,000 to 27,500 m³/h

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<span class="t1_P">Use :</span>

Vertical self-contained air conditioner specially designed for spaces with high heat loads or sensitive rooms (data centres, computer rooms, switch rooms, etc.).

Magister  boasts a sleek design that blends seamlessly with any space. Its built-in technologies - self-regulating control that adjusts to room loads and electronically commutated motor - keep its energy consumption down.

The fan* also has a modBus card which allows faults and settings such as the actual power input, current, rotation speed, etc. to be transmitted.

*CW only

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<span class="t1_P">Description :</span>
    <li>Packaged unit</li>
    <li>Double-skin panels with M0/A1 insulation, galvanised base and aluminium frame</li>
    <li>G4 or F7 filter filter</li>
    <li>Cooling provided by a chilled-water coil fitted with two-way or three-way valve</li>
    <li>Plug fan coupled with an EC moter with ModBus card integrated ( CW only)</li>
    <li>Heating provided by hot-water coil or electric heater</li>
    <li>Steam humidifier</li>
    <li>Complete electrical cabinet, CIAT µAIR CONNECT 2 control</li>
    <li>A wide range of options</li>
    <li>Free cooling module (option) takes in fresh air from outside</li>
    <li>Outdoor unit (DXA model):
    <li>CONDENCIAT CD air condensation unit</li>
    <li>Power supply: Three-phase  400V / 50 Hz + T.</li>
    <li>SCROLL heat compressor</li>
    <li>HP safety pressure switch2-speed IP54 motor</li>
    <li>Coil protection grille</li>
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