Air cycle refrigerating machine MIRAI Cold

The MIRAI Cold refrigerating machine developed by MIRAI INTEX is designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures (from -40°С to -80°С) in cold rooms of any configuration, while operating with fewer costs and minimal ecological impact. MIRAI Cold consists of three main units: turbo module (functioning as both compressor and expander), primary cooler (for heat diffusion) and heat exchanger working as a recuperator. MIRAI Cold is regulated by an adaptive controller that maintains the required operation mode with fluctuations within ±0.2°C.
The controller’s interface is easy to operate and features remote monitoring, as well as other functions. Conventional refrigerating systems need to be defrosted occasionally because of ice that forms in the chamber. MIRAI Cold ensures a humidity level of 0-2% in the chamber, thus defrosting becomes a thing of the past. Technical specifications: - Refrigerating capacity: up to 32 kW - Energy input: up to 54 kW - Motor rotation speed: 49,000 rpm - СОР: 0.5–0.6 - Storage temperature: from –40°С to –80°С - Air supply temperature: down to –90°С - Gauge pressure: not more than 0.1 MPa - Power: 380 V, AC, 3-phase - Refrigerating capacity regulation: stepless control of frequency from 30% to 100% - Noise level: 70 dB (50dB optional) - Weight: 730 kg - Dimensions (LWH):1.4*1.8*2m As of today, there are all the prerequisites for the widespread use of air cycle refrigeration machines.
The unique technology, that enables external air to be used both as a source of energy, and as a working fluid, enables MIRAI Climate to use electricity rationally, and save natural and financial resources. What is more, air cycle HVAC machines are significantly simpler in their construction, installation and operation than vapour compression ones, which require highly specialized and qualified staff for operation. MIRAI’s presentation aims to demonstrate that the use of the refrigerant R729 – natural air – in refrigeration and climate systems is a promising technology that will be able to help the world community in its fight against climate change.  


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