Air2O Intelligent Cooling

Air2O is the next generation air conditioning system, utilizing a unique combination of indirect and direct evaporation cooling to achieve up tp 80% energy savings over compressor based systems. Air2O’s unique ability to become hybrid and incorporate traditional air conditioning or chilled water cooling means Air2O can be employed the world over to provide energy efficient cooling without compromise. At its heart Air2O uses a two stage evaporative cooling solution. In the first stage, outdoor air is passed through the evaporative cooling section. As the warm air is cooled, so is the water. The cool water is then transferred to a high-efficiency heat exchanger, over which the primary outdoor air is passed, to deliver the first stage of cooling with no additional moisture - indirect evaporative cooling. The second stage incorporates high-efficiency direct evaporative cooling which cools the air stream further. The combination of these two stages delivers the highest performing evaporative cooling system available in the world today, delivering colder air with much less moisture than evaporative coolers. This process makes it possible to replace compressor based systems with Air2O requiring a fraction of the power. Air2O has the unique ability to incorporate traditional air conditioning refrigerant or chilled water-cooled coils creating a true hybrid cooling system. Air2O’s equally unique and intelligent control system ACSESS™, can automatically respond to weather conditions, switching it’s cooling strategy from traditional air conditioning to direct evaporative, indirect/ direct evaporative and economizer. The ACSESS™ system utilizes state-of-the-art electronic controls and sensors to select the most efficient cooling strategy based on outside air conditions and desired indoor conditions. • +9COP +30EER Efficiency Rating • Economical up to 80% savings on energy consumption • Environmentally friendly as no harmful gases are used in the process • Effective air temperature delivery as low as 57⁰ • 100% oxygen rich, healthy fresh air. No recycling stale air • Three different sizes (5 ton, 10 ton, 20 ton)   Source: Evolve Energy LLC
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