Amonum chillers of ENGIE Refrigeration comply with Ecodesign Directive


<p class="subline">The European Union’s Ecodesign Directive pursues one goal above all others: to reduce environmental impact across the entire lifecycle of products affecting energy consumption. The directive thus logically lays down strict requirements for chiller design. ENGIE Refrigeration meets these requirements perfectly with its models Amonum, Spectrum and QUANTUM.</p>

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The European Union specifies the legal requirements for chillers in a number of directives. The member states are under obligation to apply these directives as national law. Since 2009, EU Regulation 2009/125 has governed environmentally sound design of products affecting energy consumption. Since 2015, EU Regulation 2015/1095 has governed environmentally sound design of condenser sets and process coolers running at low to medium operating temperature. On 1 January 2018, EU 2016/2281 came into effect to join these regulations. It specifies requirements for refrigeration products and process coolers running at high operating temperatures. This latest regulation defines two performance indicators as a minimum value legally required to be maintained for air-conditioning and process cooling: tier 1 for units delivered as of 1 January 2018 and tier 2 for units delivered as of 1 January 2021. Ensuring compliance with the performance indicators is the responsibility of the manufacturers.

ENGIE Refrigeration’s products comply with the requirements of the EU Regulations perfectly: All of the chillers from the Amonum and Spectrum series (both compliant with EU 2015/1095) and all QUANTUM chillers (EU 2016/2281) not only fulfil tier 1 – all of them already significantly surpass the minimum performance indicators specified for tier 2. This makes the chillers supplied by Lindau refrigeration specialist the most efficient solutions available worldwide.


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