Armacell celebrates successful market launch of ArmaFORM PET MC

Armacell, a global leader in innovative and environmentally friendly structural PET foam cores for the composite industry, experienced a very successful market launch of its new multi-density PET foam core at JEC World 2017. “The official launch at the JEC show was a perfect start; trade visitors were very interested in our multi-density PET foam. The ongoing discussions with our business partners and potential customers during the past weeks have proved the massive interest of the composite market in ArmaFORM PET MC”, comments Henri Chapelle, Sales & Marketing Manager PET Foams, Armacell Benelux S.A. ArmaFORM PET MC is the response to the market’s demand for multiple core design, combining different densities in one foam core to improve impact and point load resistance and at the same time keeping the weight at its minimum. Armacell’s new product solution offers a unique combination of properties, including better strength-to-weight ratio, higher impact and point load resistance. The use of higher density layers allows for superior screw retention without additional reinforcement. As the well-established PET GR range, ArmaFORM PET MC is 100% made of post-consumer PET and is 100% recyclable after the use phase. “Our ‘green’ concept enables Armacell and our customers to present a real ‘green’ alternative to standard PET foams and other foam core materials currently available in the market”, says Stefan Reuterlov, Technical Manager PET Foams. Generally, the new PET MC grade is designed to replace traditional Plywood-XPS and other multi-ply panels used in a variety of applications such as load bearing floor panels in lightweight trucks and trailers, side wall insulation panels in refrigerated trucks, in modular housing or accessible areas like scaffolding platforms, pedestrian bridges, stage panels and much more. Read More

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