Arneg BEMS Supervisor

Arneg Bems Supervisor is new easy energy management and without wastage for shop. Arneg B. E. M. Supervisor is the Building Energy Management System Arneg: modern central control over the reduction and control of unforeseen circumstances, as well as energy waste, not just cooling equipment, but the entire consumption point of sale.

It is the flagship for the help three solutions in one service:

CONTROL This service, born to support the point of sale on a remote computer, is critical to the customer when planning your own business strategy, because it allows you to monitor in real time the entire point of sale of energy, whether it is a new discovery for restructuring, in order to determine how critical points, and points of force. Arneg Bems Supervisor serves as an online platform simple and intuitive, capable of communicating with all the technologies present in the store, including those not provided by Arneg. Cooling, air conditioning, lighting and other sources of power consumption of the store are constantly monitored and remotely, we can control the lights, set the temperature, control access and safety, optimize energy consumption through energy management, leading to a strong reduction of waste. COMPARISON OF ENERGY The extended building automation system allows you to analyze and compare the performance of various outlets. Thanks to the use of large data, Arneg is able to create, together with the client, the ideal store equipped with power systems specially designed to provide optimum energy efficiency, subject to constant assessments and unsurpassed efficiency. ADVICE Using this system, the technical specialists of the company can organize and jointly with the customer maintenance of ordinary and extraordinary of all utilities, as well as conduct energy consumption analysis and plan energy saving strategies, customizable depending on the size and uniqueness of the point of sale. Arneg, thanks to many years of data collection, presents himself as an ideal partner, capable of comparing energy without peers and capable of accompanying the customer throughout the life of the store.
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