Arneg O-Fresh System

Arneg O-Fresh System is the natural solution for the best food preservation and a non-stop sanitization. WHAT IT IS Arneg O-fresh System is the only patented professional system using ozone in ventilated refrigerated serve-over counters to ensure the longest food shelf-life and a continuous sanitisation in the name of the highest level of food safety. HOW IT WORKS Ozone, a natural and non-polluting element, acts on fresh food and on the surfaces of the serve-over counter thanks to a continuous treatment of the air circulating inside the cabinet. If the air does not carry pathogens, the surfaces do not foster bacterial proliferation and products last longer. ADVANTAGES
  • Preservation: longer shelf-life
  • Hygiene: non-stop sanitization
  • Saving: less daily storages and operating costs
SAFETY Arneg O-fresh System is environmentally safe, eco-sustainable, requires no chemicals and uses a very little electrical power.
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