Arneg presented stylish and functional furniture Arles

Date: 09 August 2019
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Taste and transparency are the distinctive features of Arles, a piece of furniture created by Arneg to fit well in all stores, both small and large.

Its minimalist design, characterized by flat and linear shapes, and its rounded worktops, which facilitate any operation, allow Arles to be the ideal cabinet for those looking for a stylish and functional furniture.

The products inside Arles are enhanced thanks to the particular realization of the glass panels with no metal supports.

Moreover, the excellent visibility offered by Arles, makes it an effective sales tool and at the same time an elegant and essential piece of furniture.

Here are the many advantages of Arles:

Style and functionality
All-glass: a 360° view of the displayed product.
Ergonomic: rounded worktops and simplified operations.


Wide variety and modularity.
For assisted sales: cold or hot display cases
For self-service purchase: semi-vertical and self-service showcase

Many uses

Suitable for a wide range of goods:
delicatessen, pre-packed food, cold cuts and dairy, meat, cheese, pastry, pre-packed fish, bakery.
Wide choice of accessories:
dividers, stepped trays, scale holders, knife holders, paper holders and many more.

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