AWP's Shut-Off Valves with Electric Actuator


AWP shut-off valves are designed for the installation in the refrigerant cycles of industrial refrigeration systems. These shut-off valves are operated by an electric actuator. They are shut off clockwise and opened counter-clockwise. The valves are fitted with a back seal. When the valve is fully open, it is possible to replace the screw bush and the seal. Electric actuated shut-off valves are available with a metal bellows to ensure a complete hermetic sealing.

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Shut-off valves from GEA AWP GmbH with rising stem with PTFE ring seal on the stem, optional with metal bellows and equipped with an electric actuator.
<h3>Technical features:</h3>
    <li>Available in steel or stainless steel</li>
    <li>Selection of body material as per German DIN EN12284, AD2000 Series W</li>
    <li>Working media: glycol-based cold brine refrigerant EN 378 p. 1 and blends with refrigerator oil, neutral, gas and liquid media, glycol-based cold brine</li>
    <li>Mounting position: in any position</li>
    <li>Electric actuator is designed for ambient temperatures of -40 °C up to +60 °C (of -40 up 140°F), enclosure protection: IP68 as per EN 60529, mains: 220V 50 Hz 3-ph AC, insulation class: F, tropicalised, motor protection: thermoswitch 140 °C (284 °F) NC, heater: 110V-250V AC/DC self-regulating</li>

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